Congrats. You have made it this far!!! (C) 2023

Glad to have you at this step of the process.

Next you will receive your package directly from my personal email.

1. So please look out for an email from:

IMPORTANT: If you don't get an email within the hour, please send me an email. SPAM filters are very interesting these days.

The Subject Line From the Email from me will be: Document To Delegate: SOP Business Automation Workbook 

Follow the instruction in the email. You will be directed to download several files from a secured server.

2. Inside of the SOP Creation Workbook, you will find detailed instruction for next steps.

3. The Full Case Study For The Inventory Reduction Project.

4. Important: After you complete your workbook, take the next step and request a Business Automation Matrix Strategy Session to go over your work and see if your business is ready to scale.

This Strategy Session is a $300 Value that you will receive at no-cost at this time.

To setup your session click the link in the email  to go to the appointment scheduling application.

We will be ready when you are.

Have your workbook ready  when we meet so that we can have a productive call.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Best Regards,

David Bullock - Profitengineer